Land and Purpose

Posted by on June 5, 2013

What is Land and and what do we do?  We are an interactive web application that identifies land and mineral owner’s cash flow opportunities from their land and or minerals. We provide the platform that allows them to advertise and list their holdings to lessors and operators while retaining their ownership interests.  In addition, by listing your property on our site, you will become eligible to share market information with other landowners in your area and can determine the approximate earning or cash flow value of your holdings based upon what your neighbors might be receiving in the area.

To clarify, consider the following example:

In the early development stage of our website a customer, who owns 200 acres of land in Mineral Wells that he leases to a neighbor for $4 an acre per year, asked if he was getting a good price.  Our answer was that we needed more information.  Was the acreage pasture land or under cultivation?  Was there wildlife that provided hunting opportunities?  Was there groundwater or surface water?  This information is essential to educate the land owner and determine the earning potential of their property.  After discussing the property assets we learned that their neighbor was grazing cattle on the property and that there were four deer-stands that the neighbor claimed were used by him.  Our reply to our customer was that pastures were currently renting in that area for $15 to $20 per acre per year or between $3,000 to $4,000 per year and the deer lease, because of its location near the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, was worth $3,000 to $5,000 making the lease value of the 200 acres around $8,000.  So their $800 per year lease was not a good price.  We advised our customer to list their property on Land and for both the pasture and hunting leases to maximize their earnings and cash flow from the property.

Are you an absentee owner of land or mineral properties that were left to you by an ancestor?  If you are, then list your property on and educate yourself as to the earning potential of that property and position yourself to receive offers from other subscribers at the current market rate.

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