Power Line Transmission Construction

Posted by landandmineral.com on June 4, 2013

Anyone who has traveled across the State of Texas in the last year should have noticed that multiple electrical transmission projects are underway or have recently been completed. Transmission towers are being constructed all across the state to connect the distributed generating facilities, including wind farms, to the metropolitan areas and other population centers.  According to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, known as ERCOT, who operates the state grid and manages the wholesale electric market, transmission providers will complete projects totaling $8.9 billion and add nearly 7,000 miles of transmission lines by the end of 2017.

Land acquisition for power line easements is almost always accomplished using condemnation through eminant domain proceedings and, like it or not, eminant domain is the law of the land.  Most landowners do not want these power lines crossing their property; however, stopping or altering one of these projects is almost impossible and must be accomplished during the planning stages when it is presented to the Public Utility Commission of Texas.  The question of this discussion is how do the landowners get fair compensation when their land is taken through eminant domain.

As in almost every undertaking, knowledge is the key.  In prior generations this knowledge was gained by talking to your neighbor at the coffee shop, at the ballgame or after church on Sunday morning.  Today the landscape has changed with absentee ownership and continued movement of the population.  In many cases people do not know their neighbors or who owns the property next door.  Even some landowners who know their neighbors often do not talk to them on a consistent basis.  This is the void that our interactive web application, www.landandmineral.com, is designed to fill.  By listing your property on our site, you will become eligible to share market information with other landowners in your area and when the big utility company’s landman comes to call you will know what offers have been made and what his best offer for your property should be.

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